Dear Amanda, Ginette, and Robin

I was the Irish girl with the Scottish man who bought two or your pieces of art the other day in Victoria. I just wanted to email you and let you know that I LOVE these. I will spread the love as best I can. I have moved onwards up the Island to Campbell River and we perform there tonight. We do three more concerts in Toronto with the Orchestra and then we'll be back home in Ireland where your pressings will hang. Thank you very much for making such lovely art. Deirdre Shannon.                                                             Winner of Celtic Radio Traditional Roots Award 

Just to let you know that seaweed pictures arrived safely this morning. They are fab. I really love them. Off now to get them framed! Thank you all very much indeed. Hope to catch up with you in 2007. Kind Regards Jo

Hi there I got them framed and up. We love them. Thanks  Karen

Thanks for the information. The Museum gift ship only had one kelp 8*10 original left and I didn't like it so much so I ended up buying a larger one! I am very happy with it and I am sure my sister, for whom it is a gift, will be too. I think your work is beautiful. Merry Christmas, Ann

Hello Ginette, Just to let you know that the seaweed pictures arrived on Wednesday and they look great with the one that I had. Thanks and have fun collecting!  Doris

Thank you again for the two beautiful pieces I got today. They are simply beautiful .... Clare

I JUST RECEIVED THEM. AND THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I am very pleased and just can't wait to go buy my frames. I will email you a picture of them hanging in my living room. When we travel, I try to purchase some sort of wall decoration and these will be a truly nice memory of our Alaska cruise vacation. You really do a nice job, thanks again!!  Kathi

I saw your work last summer in Bastion Square and loved it! My sister gave me one of your seaweed prints (the ribbon) for Christmas which I love. I had my eye on the one which I think you call "the wave" but my sister said that apparently it was out of circulation. I was wondering if you were planning on making any more prints of it or if you ever do could you let me know? I kayak guide in the summers and that one reminds me of exactly the way the kelp flows in the currents of I kayak by! It really does 'speak' to me! Thanks! Wendy

Hi Ginette and Robin,

I just want to thank you both (and your daughter who I know did a lot!) for my prints. I am totally happy with them. The wave and luminous make a great pair and they are still my favourites!  Thank you again for reprinting "the wave". I hope it is a good seller for you! I'm so happy I had you frame them as I wouldn't have thought to make the matting so wide but it really does show them off well. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you and your art down in Bastion Square this summer! Take Care, Wendy

Thanks Ginette, Ok, these look very nice! I'd like to order number 5 from the set of photos you sent. See attached for the cut and paste I did to show the one I want on a mat. Thanks again, Paul

Hello- I would like the 5x7 print of this image. I LOVE your stuff. I saw you at the artist festival in Victoria several weeks ago. I bought one of the prints and got home and realized another one would go so well with the one I bought. I was happy to find out that you have a website. Thank you, Jessica.

Ginette, Amanda, and Robin

As I said in my earlier email, we'd send you a picture of our prints when they were framed. We are so very pleased with the way they turned out. We used 2 mats that have a shading effect on them, with a reverse bevel cut and spacing between the mats. Hope you think we did your seaweed prints justice. We love them. Lill